Enoch’s Ghost – A Story that Required a Lot of Change

Debuting in 2007, Enoch’s Ghost took a long time to incubate.  To learn why, go to this link – http://www.theauthorschair.com/shopping/DimeTwoPennies.pdf

I have been told by many that, in this story, Walter’s visit to the Lake of Fire was one of the most scariest scenes they have ever read, along with Ashley’s adventure in the seemingly endless staircase.

Other scenes touched readers’ hearts at a deep level, prompting introspection and prayer, such as a father’s sacrificial act to save his daughters, among others, including the debut of Listener, a mysterious and charming character.


(The contest clues for this post are the letters p and b.)


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  1. I heard an old missionary say, “If you want to know will if God, look for a convergence of coincidences.” Your 12¢ experience would be hard to sell in fiction, but it’s undeniable in real life. Thanks for turning us toward the Author of Life for answers!

  2. What even happened to the wanderers?! I want to know…

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