Audio Books – A Great Way to Support an Author

I am going to be straightforward with you about a publishing issue.

Recently, a small publisher produced audio versions of two of my books – Let the Ghosts Speak and Heaven Came Down. Hiring good voice talent is expensive, so it’s a big investment to produce an audio book. If an audio book isn’t successful, the producer might not invest in the other books in a series. That’s simple economics.

If you enjoy audio books and you like my books, I hope you will purchase these audio books. I think the readers did an amazing job–really high quality. Or you can gift one or both to someone who wouldn’t read the books but might give them a listen if given that opportunity. We need these audio versions to be successful. Otherwise the audio sequels to Heaven Came Down might never be made.

Thank you for allowing me to be so frank.

Here are some links to the audio versions:

Heaven Came Down at –

Let the Ghosts Speak at –

Heaven Came Down at –

Let the Ghosts Speak at –

Let the Ghosts Speak at –

I am so thankful for my faithful readers!

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  1. I’ll keep this in mind. It may also help for authors to go wider with their audio books using places like Kobo, or through their own websites when possible. Some people don’t like to use or support Amazon/Audible, and of course other websites provide another batch of listeners. Especially since there is sometimes less competition on smaller audiobook sites.

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