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My newest novel, Search for the Astral Dragon, is finally in my hands. I wrote this book about seven years ago and polished it while I pursued publication. Tyndale Publishers picked it up almost two years ago, and several issues delayed the publication far more than I had hoped.

That’s why it’s so good to finally hold it in my hands. Although the official release date isn’t until May 3, I have my copies. You can get the book from me right away at this link –

This book returned me to my writing roots. I infused the same heart that inspired the Dragons in our Midst series to create a new story that again highlights sacrificial heroism, courage, and loyalty to friends, all within a framework of spiritual enlightenment. If you enjoyed Dragons in our Midst, I think you will enjoy this book as well.

The series name is the Astral Alliance series. I hope to have at least four books in the series and as many as seven. We’ll see what happens.

To celebrate the official release, on May 1, I plan to have a cool contest with a great prize. That date is also the 20th anniversary of the date I became a fulltime author. I hope you will help me celebrate both events at one of these social media sites:

Facebook –
MeWe –

I plan to announce the details of the contest on those sites in late April.

Here is a summary of Search for the Astral Dragon:

Branded as a pirate, collared like a dog, chained to a cot at night, and isolated as a prisoner on a journey to another planet, could the situation get any worse for thirteen-year-old Megan Willis?

Much worse. Megan’s parents have been sentenced to death, and now she is speeding away through a space-fabric wormhole, unable to try to save them. Also, her ship’s captain frequently interrogates her about a mysterious gem called a dragon’s eye, and he delivers punishing shocks through her collar when she refuses to reveal its location.

Megan has one hope. They will soon land, and most of the crew will leave on a mission to find the captain’s kidnapped son. Then maybe she will be able to sneak away and search for her family’s ship, the Astral Dragon.

Seemingly impossible barriers stand in the way. The crew of a hostile ship wants Megan and her dragon’s eye for themselves, and slave traders on the planet are always on the prowl, looking for their next captive. They have no idea that Megan is far from the easy catch she appears to be.

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