Top Ten Most Difficult Books to Write – #2

Top ten list of the hardest books for me to write
#2 – Song of the Ovulum (#1 in Children of the Bard)
How do you follow up The Bones of Makaidos? That story felt like a great way to end a long tale, like tying a ribbon on a Christmas gift. Yet, the Bones epilogue did leave an opening for a new story, but I didn’t want to write anything until I had a great idea.
New ideas percolated for quite a while until I thought it was a good time to invite a long-time reader, Jason Waguespack, to join me for a brainstorming session. We ended the session with a strong idea, and I decided to go forward with it. I am thankful for his help.
Writing Bonnie’s travail in the prologue was hard enough, but relating the adventures of Joran and Selah and then Bonnie and company through dreams and backshadowing forced me to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite many times. In fact, I can’t remember ever writing backshadowing before, so this process took a lot of effort.
The complexity of the story also made me sweat, especially with all of the travel through the Ovula and how each episode affected the outside world.
This story itself wasn’t as gut-wrenching as many others I’ve written, but the technical writing aspect was brutal at times.
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