Top Ten Most Difficult Books to Write – #1

Top Ten Hardest Books for Me to Write:
#1 – Eye of the Oracle (Book #1 in Oracles of Fire)

With this book, both the emotional toil and the story complexity tortured me in mind and body.

The story spans 5000 years of history, going back to before the flood and stretching into modern times. As a prequel, it provides the background for existing characters, such as Bonnie Silver, and it also introduces new characters, including the incomparable Sapphira Adi.

In Tears of a Dragon, I mentioned the term Oracles of Fire in a cryptic message from Gabriel, but that was a mystery. Even when I started writing Eye of the Oracle, I didn’t know what an Oracle of Fire was. I simply began writing, choosing to start with the scene in which Merlin challenges Devin with regard to seeking help from a dragon.

As I wrote that scene, I felt a strange prompting, like a voice in my head, a female voice. I mentally asked, “Who are you?”

She said, “My name is Mara.”

“Okay. Then what are you?”

“I am an Oracle of Fire.”

“What is an Oracle of Fire?”

“Start writing about me, and you’ll find out.”

Yes, I know it sounds strange and bordering on insanity, but that’s what happened. I altered my approach and began writing about a slave girl in Hades as she carved out an alcove for a spawn.

Her name was Mara, and I instantly loved her. She became the backbone for the story, the thread of continuity for the next 5000 years, and the very heart of the book’s themes.

The story grew in size, and the characters reflected a lot of what I was going through in my own life, including some heartbreaking issues. I felt the sorrow of Makaidos as he lost the heart of his daughter, Roxil, and the despair of Noah over his son Ham.

I wept over many scenes. At times it felt like my heart was being crushed.

But there was also so much joy, so much love, so much faith–Sapphira and Elam’s love for each other, Gabriel’s steadfast stewardship over Bonnie, Merlin’s patience, and Sapphira’s joyful dance with Elohim.

Yet, the most moving aspect was Sapphira’s endurance, being alone in Hades for a thousand years, never forsaking her faith in her dance partner, and finally surrendering to Jehovah Yasha after the coming of her savior, Jesus.

I have said that Let the Ghosts Speak is my best book, but that is only from a technical writing aspect. It is the best example of my writing ability.

My real magnum opus is Eye of the Oracle. I have heard from hundreds and hundreds of readers about how this book drew them closer to God, even to saving faith, and twenty teenagers have told me that the story kept them from committing suicide.

Yes, Eye of the Oracle was my most difficult book to write, but it has also brought me the most joy.

In the comments, let me know what you think of this book.

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  1. Hey, nice to see you blogging again 🙂

    I don’t know if The Eye Of The Oracle was my favorite in the DiOM world, but I still liked it a lot. Worldbuilding is important to me, and one way to achieve worldbuilding is by fleshing out the characters’ backstories and showing their lives over a large span of time. Eye Of The Oracle definitely did that, and it shows a lot of dedication to the characters/world, which is something I’ve always appreciated about your work on DiOM.

  2. Hi Mr. Davis,
    I didn’t read this post yet because I didn’t want to get spoiled (I haven’t read books 4- in the DIOM series). I love the books by you that I’ve read so far. The 1st book in the Raising dragons series is my favorite so far and I recently started reading it again (for the 4th time 😅😜). I don’t know if you meant for it to symbolize this but I noticed in the 1st book that Devon (the dragon slayer for those that don’t know 😉) seems like a person persecuting Christians (the Christians being Billy, Bonnie, Hartana, Clefspere and other dragons everyone else could be looked at as the secular or worldly people). That probably isn’t what you meant it to be like but that was just an observation of mine. Thanks btw, for writing the series. I love it and can’t wait to get the rest of the books in the series and maybe even eventually branch out to your other books.

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