The Raising Dragons Graphic Novel – Ordering is Now Open

Since the Raising Dragons Graphic Novel is finally at the printer, I have opened pre-ordering for an expected December delivery. If you order by the beginning of December, I am confident you will get your copy before Christmas. Here is… Read More ›

Common Fantasy Characters and Why They Work

Have you ever noticed that certain characters in fantasy stories are similar to characters in other fantasy stories? It seems that they fit into categories and act within familiar roles and carry out similar duties. Since fantasy stories are often… Read More ›

Stretching Young Readers

When I began writing Raising Dragons, I pondered the “depth” concept. Can I write a deep story that’s geared toward young readers? Most of the Christian books I had read for young people were pretty superficial, in fact, boring. They… Read More ›

The Effect of Fantasy – Samples From My Mailbag

Some people might wonder if fantasy is a legitimate way to provide spiritual inspiration. Today I am posting a few samples of messages I have received over the years along with category headers. My motivation is twofold: to provide speculative… Read More ›

Gems from Joan of Arc by Mark Twain

In past posts, I have talked about two of my three favorite novels–To Kill a Mockingbird and Till We Have Faces. Today, I present Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc. This is not a typical book review. I will just provide… Read More ›

The Writing Life – A Geek’s Perspective

I am often asked what it’s like to be a writer, and I wonder if describing my life would create a false perception. Based on what I hear from others, I’m an anomaly. Okay, that’s too formal. Actually, I’m a… Read More ›

My Readers Rock!

Perhaps the greatest blessing I receive as an author is hearing from readers. They send me emails, letters, photos, drawings, such as this great rockin’ dragon sent by Sierra Reep, and even cookies. They tell me how much my books… Read More ›

The Boundaries of “What if?” ; Part 2

Christian readers are often sensitive about stories that relate to the Bible, and rightly so. They react against writing that twists the contents of the Bible in a way that denigrates the messages they revere. When my book Eye of… Read More ›