Alyssa W. – Your works serve to inspire my entire family

Well, my journey begins again! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read your books or listened to the audiobook versions, but every time I am struck with how amazing they are, and how eloquently you weave biblical stories into fascinating tales that capture the attention and very souls of your readers. I always love reading your books, and am always touched by how well I can relate to each and every one of your characters. Their stories are so diverse, they can speak to any situation–anyone’s story–yet all lead back to the story of God, and Christ. Your characters are role models of faith and forgiveness, while still showing me that no mistake is too big. And the struggles and obstacles your characters face, both internally and externally, encourage me to continue on my own journey, and to keep moving towards the light.
When I started this message I didn’t intend for it to be so long, but I really do want to thank you for all that you do through your books, posts, and just everything. You and your works serve to inspire my entire family, including myself. I hope that if you’re ever feeling discouraged you’ll remember that there are people out there who really appreciate your work, and whose lives are changed by these books you write. I love reading them, and I love that they’re something I can read over and over and still come out richer than before. I hope you have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving, and thank you again for all you do.