Hannah W. – These books stir a fire within me

My name is Hannah, and I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard books. I know you’ve received countless messages that say the same thing, but I just wanted to let you know that you have impacted yet another person by these stories. I love everything about them – the characters, the Biblical themes, the individual plots that all connect and keep me on the edge of my seat, and the fact that all three series keep the same characters, even while adding awesome new ones. I also LOVE all the character qualities stressed and exemplified in these stories – love, sacrifice, courage, chivalry, purity, duty, and everything else. As a 17-year-old girl, I especially love to see the chivalry shown by the boys to all the girls. It warms my heart.

These books also stir a fire within me that makes me want to join all the characters in their various situations and help them, earn their friendship, and test my courage with them. They are all simply amazing people that I want to imitate! The only problem I have with these books is that I can’t be a part of their awesome journeys. I can’t ever meet the characters, unfortunately. You have made me so attached to them, and I’m so sad to know that I will never meet Walter (my all-time favorite!), Billy, Bonnie, Elam, Sapphira, Acacia, Gabriel, Enoch, Listener, Sir Barlow, Matt, and Lauren (all my other favorites). I’ll never meet or ride Makaidos, Thigocia, Clefspeare, Hartanna, Albatross, or Grackle. I’ll never get to go through a portal with Sapphira, Acacia, or Apollo. And, I’ll never get to meet Larry, as much as I’m dying to. I love the way Larry expresses himself, so whenever he speaks, I almost always laugh. However, I am glad that Devin, Semiramis, Tamiel, and Arramos are not real. They are so evil they make me sick. 🙂 But that is how good villains are supposed to make readers feel! Again, these stories and everything about them are just beyond wonderful. Thank you so much for creating these books! I wish they didn’t have to end!

Also, I love to write. My big dream is to become an author like you are – writing stories that convey Biblical truths and exemplify godly character, all the while captivating the audience with intense plots and loveable, unforgettable characters. I know that becoming an author takes years of pain and rejection and hard work, but I draw a lot of inspiration from your story that is in the back of the Raising Dragons book. You were rejected over 200 times and changed the story 24 times before it was published. That is the kind of perseverance and attitude I want as a writer. Thank you for your inspirational example.

Again, thank you so much for creating these stories! They are some of my favorite books of ALL time, and I just wanted to tell you that you have positively impacted yet another life by these stories, and also by your own story as an author. Thank you!

Hannah W.