Ben P. – Heart Filled With Love

Mr. Davis,

I have just finished reading Omega Dragon for the first time (I finished it about an hour ago.) Having read through Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, Children of the Bard, and Time Echoes over a period of four years, I am extremely grateful for your work. I realize that you probably hear this a lot, but, truly, I am a better person for reading your books. Every time I reach a low point in my spiritual journey, I pull out one of your books and it lifts me up.

The characters inspire me to live more in tune with God, and the stories themselves point to Him. After finishing Omega Dragon, my heart is filled with love for Jesus, anger at His enemies, and excitement for the day I can finally meet Him.

Truly, Mr. Davis, authors like you are, as Listener would put it, as rare as red diamonds.

God has blessed you and your writing, and I trust He will continue to do so.