Erika C. – Your Books Have Been With Me

Mr. Davis.

I would like to start this letter off by saying ‘thank you! Your books (pertaining to the DIOM series, specifically) have changed my life forever. I type this as a twenty-year-old college student who began reading your series almost ten years ago, and I can honestly say that your writings have been more influential to me than practically any other fictional book I’ve come across. (I do, however, reserve a special place in my heart for C.S. Lewis and his stories of Narnia.) Your books, alongside a healthy dose of Scripture, have encouraged me to embrace the Spirit within me, and fully immerse myself in the Glory that is our Maker.

Mr. Davis, your books have traveled with me all across the country. The Bones of Makaidos has been with me through every major flight, and currently resides on the bookshelf in my apartment, next to the rest of the lot. Though they may be water-and-coffee­stained, with signs of wear and tear around the edges. your books have always remained precious to me.

About four or five years ago, you visited a mall called Rivertown Crossings in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You’d made a post on Facebook about being at the Barnes & Noble for signings that day, and I about lost my marbles when I found out. I ended up begging my dad to make the forty-minute drive so I could meet you. I remember wandering the store, searching every nook and cranny for where you might have been. Upon finally meeting you, every rehearsed word I had come up with completely vanished from my mind. I imagine that, had I lived in the time of dear C.S. Lewis. I would have embarrassingly acted the same­ stumbling over words and gazing wonderfully star-struck. But you greeted me with a kind smile, and even signed my horribly beaten-up copy of Makaidos. But what happened about a week or so later is what really stands out, and is what I would like to recount for you: I received a letter. From you.

You see, when my terrified self finally got to meet you, my dad snapped a quick photo, and I awkwardly handed you a letter folded six ways to Sunday. The letter, ifl recall correctly, commented on how much I adored your books. and what they meant for me. After about a week, I received your response, though every thought in my mind figured you would just read the letter and that would be it. But you took the time to type out a response, and correspond with me. That letter now resides in my apartment, and while it doesn’t contain much physically, spiritually, it means a great deal to me. I carry that letter with me because the creator of characters like Bonnie and Ashley and Shiloh and Naamah truly cares about his work. I carry that letter with me because it shows, to me, just how much heart you put into what you write. Your letter inspires me every day, Mr. Davis. and I thought it was about time that I send you another letter, thanking you for it.

Your books have been with me through thick and thin, through moments of self­doubt, and moments of astounding courage. I’m currently re-reading all of them, and I am joyfully reminded of the power words can have on a soul. As Scripture rejuvenates and empowers my soul, your books help to give it a little extra boost. As I watch characters develop and stories unfold before my very eyes, I feel a great sense of gratitude for you and your incredible mind. Not one of your characters is without a unique story and development, and they inspire me to, perhaps someday, write my own stories. I don’t quite know how to go about researching Arthurian lore as well as you did, though. That alone is an incredible feat, and you weave a masterful tale.

I’m sure I could go on and on about what your books mean to me, but for now, I just want to send you a friendly thank-you note. I hope this brings you joy.

May the Creator continue to bless you and yours for years to come. Kindest Regards and Many Thanks,