Donavan R. – I decided to pursue that dream once again

Dear Mr. Davis,

I struggle to think of a way to begin this email. I know what I want to say but putting it down on paper, well virtual paper, is harder than it seems. Let me begin by thanking you for writing such an incredible story first and for most. I’m currently reading the second book in the series, Warrior. More specifically the scene where Koren, Uriel and Jason are about to be swept away by Zena’s flood. This scene in particular stood out to me. I found myself sitting up in bed at 3 in the morning, flashlight aimed at the pages, struggling to hear my own thoughts over the sounds of the raging storm around our heroes. The story came to life in my head. Several scenes before sparked my imagination, like the very first chapter of the series where Randal fights Jason but none like this scene here. It’s what compelled me to email you today. I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels in my life and this story is one of the few that actually popped off the pages, as if being told by a Starlighter herself. Your way with words is impressive.

I’ve struggled lately with my path in life.

Currently I’m dealing with trying to win custody of my daughter. The stress of this situation has made me reflect on my life overall. While I’m only 22, not much to reflect on truthfully, I thought about what I wanted to do with my life when I was younger. I wanted to be a writer of fantasy myself. I wanted to direct and produce animation based on my stories and those I’ve read. I was a meticulous writer, often I would spend days composing a detailed history for every world, a deep background for every character, I would get lost in the development stage before I even began writing the story. Every detail had to be spelled out before I put it together. I miss that.

After graduating high school life took way. I started working, went to college for computer animation but I let all of my passions run away from me as I let the stress and responsibility of being an adult, coupled with some poor life choices take over. Nothing illegal of course, just some wrong turns. Now I struggle to support myself and my daughter. All of which could have been avoided had I made better choices but that’s neither here nor there. I’m dissatisfied with my life currently, I felt as if I wasn’t where I was suppose to be or wanted to be at least. I wasn’t doing what I dreamed of, what I planned to do. I felt so lost and empty.

However reading your story last night inspired me all over again, the flames of my true passion once again ignited thanks to your words coming to life before me. I’d forgotten that feeling. I want it back. It was the first solid nights sleep I’ve gotten in a long time. I think it’s because my mind finally felt some peace. I’ve decided to pursue that dream once again. I hope that one day I can inspire someone the way you’ve inspired me and I can bring my stories to life in their minds. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Thank you,
Donavan R.