Christina S. – Thank You for Saving My Life

Dear Bryan Davis,

I want to thank you for all the books you have written, especially the Dragons in Our Midst series. I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot, but they have really strengthened my faith in the Father. About half way through the series when I turned 16, I am currently 17, I got depression. And when I saw people such as Bonnie and Sapphira Adi it gave my hope and reassured me that God is always near, even if they are fictional characters they made a great impact in my spirit life.

But what I really want to thank you for was for saving my life I was already saved, I accepted Christ when I was two or so, but on Friday February 12th my family and I were apart of a car accident. We had left Post Falls, Idaho the other day and were heading to southern California for my older cousin’s wedding on Saturday, we had driven all night, my mother and father taking turns driving while my brother and I slept. Around 7:30 Pacific time, 8:30 mountain time, we were on a freeway in Utah, the i-5 I believe, and a double long semi truck tried to swing a U-turn through the path in the median that the police use for emergencies. He apparently didn’t see us and so looked his breaks when he tried to turn, he fishtailed and blocked both lanes and part of the median. My father started shout and my mother woke up just long enough to see what was going to happen and yelled ‘oh God!’ We had been going about 80,the speed limit for that freeway, and slowed down to about 35 in a 100 feet or so. We collided with the semi then slid into the median, which, praise the Father Above, was not deep but very long. I can remember people screaming but was not conscious enough to registered what happened until I looked at our windshield after it happened. I had gotten the wind nocked out of me but my stomach was also becoming very blotted, I could tell without anyone saying anything that I ha major internal bleeding. The ambulances arrived, I was told as I was just completely out of it, within tem minutes, which was really good considering we wee out in the middle of nowhere. I was the first one to get taken into the ambulance; I don’t remember much, not even the pain, but I do remember that my only thoughts were on the Father Above. I remember telling Him that if it was my time to die I was ready but I wanted my other family members to live and be okay, but if I was to live I knew that He a greater purpose for my life. I as in constant prayer nd song; my father came with me in the ambulance as pretty mush fine, and sang Amazing Grace as I sung Blessings by Lora Story in my head.

We reached the first hospital in a few minutes but they almost immediately transferred me to a different hospital as they di not have the equipment to treat me. My father after making sure that my brother was going to be okay he came with me again. He, my brother, only suffered a large cut on the forehead and a slight concussion thank God. It took about 30 minutes to reach the next hospital, the Intermountain Heatlthcare Hospital in Proveo Utah, and by the time I got there I was whiter than a bed sheet, my blood pressure was down at 44 or something near there, and my stomach was incredibly hard and blotted. All of the nurses and the doctor I had, who apparently is not easily panicked, were all in a panic, the were terrified that they’d loose me. But within the hour of e getting to that hospital the color returned to my face, my blood pressure went back up to a stable zone, and my stomach softened and the blottedness all but went away. None of the doctors or nurses can explain this, but I know that it was the hand, a miracle of God.

After several x-rays and there’s they found n internal bleeding, only a fractured verabre on lower back. I have been making an excellent recovery and had surgery done Monday the 15, which went well. My father suffered nothing major outside of a few bruises and some tenderness. My mother, however, suffered a broken hip, the femur went through the pelvis in the accident. She had surgery on it Saturday the 13th. We are both doing better and can walk a bit now, mind you with help.

After my father observed the car he found that the pin holding the backseat to the car had broken away on my brother’s side and everything had swung with me at the vertex taking most of the weight. He also looked at the truck and saw that the trailers were not the normal trailers, they had metal boxes that came down from the bottom of the trailer. Had that not been there the car would have slid underneath the trailer and killed my mother and brother at lest. The car is completely totaled, though we did managed to salvage all of our luggage from it, and our lives.

When I look back at what happened I see just how much God loves us and protects us. He saved my life twice in one day. I’m not sure if I would be living and breathing today had I not read Dragons in Our Midst series an it sharpen my faith. Iron sharpens iron and your books had sharpened my faith. I’m sorry if this is a poorly written letter but I am laying down with strict bed rest and it’s 1:11 mountain time, though because of the surgery I slept a lot during the day. But I wanted you to know that you probably, literally, save a life through your books. I must ask a favor though…I know that you and I don’t really know each other, we met twice before when you came to my school North Idaho Christian School, but if you could pray for my family. For our healing and for my father to continue to keep a cool, straight head. Thank you for reading this ridiculously long letter and God speed on your next book.

~Christina S.
Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Hunter H. – You have been a great encouragement

Dear Mr. Davis,

I have to say, I’m a huge fan of your works. Your series’ are some of my favorites to read, especially the Dragons in Our Midst and Starlighter series’; each time I look back at them, I am always discovering more behind your message in being a follower of Christ.

When I started reading the first book I found of your many amazing lessons (Raising Dragons), I thought to myself that it would be amazing to have such talent in writing, and to be able to deliver such a profound message in a way like you did. Many years later, just as I was beginning my sophomore year of high school, I was rereading that first book that gave me such delight, when I discovered your message that you had begun to write as a result of a dream you had received.  I thought that was amazing, and even more, I was overcome with joy, as I was about half-way through a book that I began writing under similar circumstance.

Of course, you had an education to back your desire to write, where I did not, but I was in no way discouraged, for I saw everywhere in your message that God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. I continued to write, and I am now finishing a novel in a style that has been designed much after your works, which I have titled “Refiner’s Fire”.

In my writing and reading, I was slowly taught to see the amazing works of God in the world around us, and I was overjoyed as I began to see the formation of my characters in a reflection of my own journey through Christ. I have been hoping to have it published as I run through the final stages of self and peer reviewing, and I wanted to express my gratitude at the role you took in teaching me to live for God. Though my faith may often set me apart from nearly all of my peers outside of my home, seeing all that you taught has been a great encouragement for me in living day to day.

Thank you for all you have done for me and for everyone else who has been given the opportunity to read your works!


Hunter H.

Logan B. – Thank you for changing my life

Dear Mr. Davis,

My name is Logan and I am an 18 year old senior in high school. I started Dragons in Our Midst in 3rd grade when I was 10. You had only written 5 books so far, but I was hooked by the first page. I grew up with the series and the characters and the dragons. I met you at a Christian bookstore once in Dublin, CA, and I have never forgotten meeting my favorite author. I have all your signed posters in my room and the entire series on my bookshelf. You featured my review in The Seventh Door and that was amazing. To think that I was in my favorite author’s book still blows me away.

A few minutes ago, I closed Omega Dragon. And frankly, I don’t know what to say. You have done so much for me by writing these books. Your words have pulled me through times of depression, suicidal thoughts, and anger at God. Your characters came to life and were an absolute comfort to me. My favorite poem of yours is the song of love from Elohim to Sapphira Adi. I have it on my wall an read it whenever I am feeling sad.

You have changed my life in such a dramatic way, and now the story has ended. 8 years of my life, and it wrapped itself up with a period. You spoke directly to my soul when I needed it and I only wish that I could go on the adventures and have the bravery and sacrificial love that your characters have. I cannot believe the journey is over.

I love your work so much, and God has spoken to me an innumerable about of times through your prose. Thank you for helping me realize what real faith looks like and where my strength comes from. You have changed my life so much, and I am so thankful. I will never stop thanking you for the gift you have given me. I love your work so much (it’s even my email) and I will read it again and again.

To the man who changed my life for good, Logan B.

Lexi H. – By far my favorite books

Hi, Mr. Davis!
When I removed the book from the mailing package, I looked at the sticker on it and when I read “lost chapter” I just had to read it. I haven’t read your books in a long time, but their story is forever recorded in my mind. I skimmed the last few paragraphs of chapter 20 to reacquaint myself, and read the new chapter. I really liked it. Since I remembered a lot of what happens in the rest of the books, I could see all sorts of connections to the future books. I liked how you wove in Palin’s weakness for Marilyn [he being her dad and all], and introducing Morgan so subtly, definitely raising questions for the first time reader.
Truth be told, as I read your book again, I could feel my excitement and energy build as I was reunited with my very first Christian fictions friends. I couldn’t find many Christian books that I truly enjoyed until God placed yours in my lap. They are by far my favorite books and have since inspired me to write my own God-fearing fiction. I hope to read them again soon… And I may need to get that 10th Anniversary Edition myself. Hmm… 🙂
Again, thank you so much for the book, and for creating magnificent stories that glorify God in an awesome and imaginative way.
To God be the glory.
Write on, my brother in Christ.
~ Lexi H.

A Reader – Your Writing Has Touched Me

Hi, sorry this is a bit long but I just wanted to say thank you. I began reading Dragons in Our Midst when I was a teen (15…maybe?) and although I did enjoy them they didn’t have quite the same impact as they did when I read them a second time around now, as a 20year old.

I want to say thanks because of the faith you have shown through your wonderful stories has deepened my own trust in God’s plan for me. I have told others of your work and, God willing, if I have children one day I will read it to them until they can read for themselves. Your ability to plan books ahead has left me awestruck and rivals (if not better than) the well known Harry Potter series.

Although I have much to learn, I have a passion for writing and want nothing more than for something I write to touch someone they way your writing has touched me. If I even become half as talented as you, I’ll count myself lucky.

Thank you again my brother in Christ, for giving me such joy. May the Lord God bless you and keep you (and your family).

Caroline R. – A huge impact on my life

Dear Mr. Davis,

           My name is Caroline and I am a HUGE Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard fan. Huge. Like imagine ten blue whales and ten elephants multiplied together, put into one person. That kind of huge. I have read some amazing book series, but I have to say that these are my absolute favorite. It has all the necessary elements to becoming one of my favorite books: romance, a fight for what is right, humor, and yet, there are parts to these series that are serious, and down to Earth. As an added bonus, there is a large element of faith in it. It brought a world of dragons and knights into the 21st century, and it addresses the modern day problems of death of loved ones, abandonment by parents, and the fact that it is extremely hard to believe in God and religion in the world we live in today.

           Although, I have never lost a parent and my parents are still a happily married couple, you somehow made me feel for the kids who have gone through these problems. You actually made me feel for something I had not experienced myself. It has helped me empathize with those kids, and for that, I thank you. I love how you managed to bring faith into an easily understandable world that, as a teen, I could relate to. This is a very hard thing to do because adults tend to regard teenagers as idiots or as impossible challenges. It is a tumultuous time in
everyone’s life, and yet you managed to speak to an ever-changing group of people whose own opinion is not yet fully decided. I believe that through your books I have grown closer in my faith.

          Bonnie Silver was a very relatable character for me. Not because I have dragon wings or anything (sadly), but because she had faith. Her depth of character makes me wonder: Was she based off anyone in your life? Her character was a great encouragement to me. Her strength of faith was truly inspiring to read about. Then, in contrast, there is Ashley Stalworth, who did not quite get the whole “faith” concept at first. This is extremely similar to several of my friends. Do you have any suggestions on how I could bring them closer to God?

The way you showed the whole sin apocalypse really opened my eyes to the brokenness of the world. My church focuses on the six broken places of the world. We consider isolation, pain, hatred, injustice, and decay to stem from the single most broken place of separation from God. Do you think these are right, or should we focus on other places? Do you have any suggestions on how to fix these broken places? In addition, my church is doing an evangelism project, and I was wondering if you had any tips for them regarding that?

           Thank you for writing these books, seeing as how they had a huge impact on my life. Most importantly, as you say, “Hear the truth, Speak the truth, Be the truth. Don’t let faithless ones change any of these three principles.”


Caroline R.

Missy M. – A homeschool mom

Dear Mr.Davis,
I have read all three series including  and stemming from Dragons in Our Midst. I loved them and how they highlight that we are called to suffer for Christ.  We are called to come and die as Bonhoeffer said.  I have passed these books on to my 3 children, 16 yrs. old and my twin 13 year olds. They are the key that has gotten my 13 year old son to be a reader.  He reads and reads until he finishes one book and goes straight into the next. I am thankful for the message in them of the cost to follow Christ and the power of Christ to work in our lives to impact the world.
I’m sure that my kids will soon be reading the Starlight series as well, with a high recommendation from their Mom.  I keep telling other parents and students about them as well, especially for boys that are not interested in reading.
In His Grip,
Missy M., a homeschool Mom who is careful what her kids read.

Megan C. – A passion for the lost

Hello Mr. Davis,

My name is Megan, I’m 17 years old and heading off to college in September. I come from a family of four: my brother, dad, mom and me. When my brother and I were in middle school, our family read the Dragons in our Midst series. Not only did it have a great impact on my brother and mine’s creativity and imagination, but it left a spiritual impact in my life as well.
Six years ago, we were reading the Candlestone. We finished the couple chapters of family reading for the night, said prayers and went to bed.
But I was so restless and couldn’t sleep. The image of the Candlestone’s torment alluding to Hell got me thinking about the reality of Hell. I was convicted that night that Hell was real, and a place that I deserved to go to because I knew I had sinned. So I went back upstairs to talk to my parents and they explained the Gospel to me. This time, I understood it, and I repented and put my trust in Jesus.
God has grown and sanctified me in so many ways, and He has certainly given me a passion for the lost. And He has kept the reality of Hell, and the image of the Bible’s description of Hell as a motivation to push me to share the Gospel with people. And He certainly used your book to help create the reality of Hell in my mind and to get to me understand it is a real place.
I just wanted to say thank you for writing those books. I trust God has used them in many other people’s lives as well!
Thank you,

Megan C.

Rebecca H. – Thank you for listening to God

I know you write for God’s glory, not for your own. I am also guessing you write not really expecting much in return. I am usually not bold enough to talk to people I do not know and I must admit I was very surprised when you replied to my first message. That said, I feel like a small voice in the back of my mind is urging me to tell you just how much of an impact your books, which you wrote for Gods glory, have had in my life.

I read the Eye of the Oracle when I was in middle school; I am currently going to be a senior in high school once August begins. I was reading your books while I was going through the hardest years of my life, my deepest valley. I grew up in a Christian home with parents who loved the Lord but we were going through a lot of problems. During middle school I started to become very angry at God for all the pain He was putting me through and eventually I turned my back on Him.

While reading your book I really began to connect with the characters, especially Sapphira. I saw my life in hers, in different ways, of course. God used my love for dragons, books, heroes, and far off places to work in my heart. I eventually began to realize that all this time I was the one running from God not God turning away from me.

Though I didn’t understand all the pain I had to go through at the time, I understand it now. If God could still forgive and love Sapphira when she doubted Him, when she thought He had abandoned her, I knew the same God who is very real and not just a part of a wonderful story could forgive me.

I went and looked up the Bible verses mentioned in your books and I began to read my bible again. I wanted to have a heart for Jesus and to follow Him wholeheartedly, just like my favorite characters. Later when I moved schools, leaving all my friends behind, I felt alone. But I had the books, and God used them to remind me that I was never alone and that He would help me face any and every challenge that came my way.

All this said, I want to thank you, for listening to God, for going against the world and writing a book that speaks openly and freely about Gods great love. I just felt like you should know that God has you right where He wants you. And by being a faithful and obedient servant you are helping expand the kingdom of God possibly more then you realize. Thank you.


Misht Soloi – A light to me

I know I have said this a hundred thousand times to you over the years, but your books have, multiple times, saved my life or at least my sanity. I have always been a creatively minded person, I was always drawn to fantasy and dragons and could figure out how to put my feet in “this world”. I always longed for God and for virtue. I longed to find saints. When everything falls short in real life as it inevitably does, it is stories that bring us back to truth. Looking at old catechisis books–they’re all stories. Stories of the lives of the saints. Stories from the Bible. Stories and anecdotes of miracles, of peoples’ lives being changed. Stories of missionaries, stories of martyrs. I’m reading a book about Father Desmet right now, who was one of the primary forces in the West with the Native Americans in the 1800s. History is a beautiful thing. I love how in your books you take your own stories, you take Arthurian legend, the Bible, extra-biblical tradition, the whole richness of salvation history and bring it to life.

I will probably say it a thousand more times and sit here and applaud your stories and what they have done for me and for others and continue to do. I’ve written so many novels but never done anything with them. I’ve thrown myself into creative writing environments, roleplay, whatever, taking ideas and playing with them, turning them, trying to bring virtue, and innocence, into groups of people and worlds where they are not–reading the writing of creative friends I see unbelievable amounts of despair. The whole theme is despair. We need fantasy and stories that do not despair. So badly we need them. I am trying all the time to write them, and feel, failing.

I feel like I belong nowhere, as even so many spiritual people are not creative sorts, and I have never, ever, seemed to have been successful in excising that part of my personality, no matter how hard I try. If it doesn’t have a spiritual outlet it takes a worldly one with worldly company, which causes me immeasurable pain as I don’t often feel strong enough to combat in such company the huge waves of despair, vice, and impersonalism.

Yet on I trod. Thank you for your books. They will always be a light to me. I still haul them around with me everywhere I go!!