Rebecca C. – A positive impact on my life

Hello Bryan Davis,

I’ve probably been reading your books for all my teenage years. I took a chance on a book in the Christian bookstore and that book was “Masters & Slayers” which is still my favourite book to this day and got me hooked on the whole Tales of Starlight series. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the series, but I won’t forget the way it impacted me and why:

1st- Adrian and Marcelle were so realistic. I could relate to them, they were far from perfect, they had their issues too. Their relationship with God and each other was so beautiful and when I was reading it, I think that is the way that God intended for relationships with each other to be like.

2nd- the way that God, fantasy, action, romance, mystery…etc… is weaved into the stories is just fantastic. I honestly think that your books have a little of every genre in them. It’s actually really cool because I think that real life has a mixture of all them as well, maybe not dragons in real life, but there are some people that wish so.

3rd- Honestly, I did learn some things about the Bible from your books too, things that I never knew before.

I actually started writing and I was inspired by some of the things that you have written. I like when you can mix creative with real life.

Anyways your books have definitely had a positive impact on my life, thank you for writing them.
God Bless,
Rebekah C.