Tony R. – Thank you for being strong and faithful

Mr. Davis, I thought I’d take a few moments and share how your writing has been a blessing to me. I thought for a bit to see if I could single a book or a series out- I’ve enjoyed “Tales of Starlight,” “Echoes from the Edge” and the “Reapers” series. All are well-written, highly imaginative, and difficult to put down.

But I could say that about other authors. What stands out about your writing is that I’ve never seen you compromise your beliefs. It’s truly inspiring to read novels without profanity, blatant sexual content or graphic violence. Characters are noble, heroic, and men and women of, well, character. Plots are intriguing and present moral and spiritual questions that need to be considered. It’s Christian fiction the way it should be written. I have no problem handing one of your books to one of my children because i know it’ll bless them. Thank you for holding the line and writing stories laced with hope, purity and integrity.
You’ve inspired me personally with your writing. I’m an author too, writing Christian thrillers with elements of sci-fi and the supernatural, and sometimes it’s hard to stay encouraged. But you keep pressing on, writing book after book and holding that line, and it helps me get back to the computer with a prayer that God will continue to minister through me in story.
You’ve touched many people, Mr. Davis, myself included. Thank you for being strong and faithful, and for being an example. Thank you for writing stories that challenge your characters to be their very best and inspire your readers to do the same.
God bless you in all you do,
Tony R.