The Bones of Makaidos – The Fan Favorite

I once conducted a poll for all twelve Dragons in our Midst story world books and asked which was the favorite. The Bones of Makaidos received more votes than the other eleven combined.

At more than 670 pages, this book still stands as my longest, and I expect that it will stay that way. It also has what I think is the best cover of the story world’s books. A poster-size image of the cover reveals wonderful detail that you might otherwise miss.

When I finished this book, I expected it to be the last one in this story world. I pledged not to continue unless I came up with a really great idea. Well, I did. At least I think so. And The Children of the Bard was the result.

Is The Bones of Makaidos your favorite of the series? Chime in and let me know.


(The contest clues for this post are the letters s, o, and e.)

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  1. It has been years since I read them (probably time for a reread, honestly). I remember loving this book, but I think that Eye of the Oracle had been my favorite.

  2. When each book was released I wore out our phone calling the local bookstore to ask if they got the next book in stock yet! I LOVED these books! It’s hard to choose a favorite from them all but this one is up there!

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