Song of the Ovulum – A Tragic Surprise

When some people read the prologue of Song of the Ovulum, they were shocked. Some even became angry. After the beautiful happy ending of the previous book, learning what Bonnie and Ashley had to endure shortly afterward was heart-wrenching.

But no more spoilers. πŸ™‚

Like Eye of the Oracle, this story jumps way back to the time before the great flood, and it then goes back and forth between the past and the present. Because of my decision to tell the story this way with an extensive use of backshadowing, this book became the second hardest book I have written to date.

Any comments on this story?


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  1. My comment about this book is best described in an emoji. 😍

  2. I was definitely one of those “shocked” people. I love how Bones of Makaidos ends, and then seeing how much pain, suffering, and time that had wrecked Bonnie and Ashley was a stab to the heart. But I definitely loved reading this book and getting to see how much further the story of these beloved characters could go.

  3. I remember threatening to call/invent the Department of Character Protection Services on you! I was furious!

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