The Seventh Door – A Twisted Sister?

I had a lot of fun writing The Seventh Door, especially when Semiramis posed as Darcy and it was difficult to tell which version of Darcy was the real one and which was Semiramis. While I wrote their standoff scene, I wasn’t quite sure myself.

It was also enjoyable to create a story that paralleled Circles of Seven. Even the cover images are similar. It was a bit risky to write a story that was somewhat derivative of my own earlier story, but I think it works well.

Once again, sacrifices abound in this story, making it unforgettable, at least to me.

What did you think of this story?


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  1. Ok, but this is my favorite of the Children of the Bard series and possibly also my favorite of your books overall? Hard to say. But the villain? Fabulous; unique approach. The increasingly difficult moral choices? Amazing. Darcy’s redemption arc? STORMS YES. Formerly divided siblings uniting for a common purpose? LOVE IT. And I got intensely upset over the ending, let me tell you.
    So, yeah.

  2. This one was a hard one to read as from a personal perspective but it was great read! I’m glad that I did! Excellent storytelling at its best!!

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