From the Mouth of Elijah – Sacrifices Abound

A theme that I employ extensively in my stories is heroic self-sacrifice, and From the Mouth of Elijah erupts with that theme again and again. The story highlights heroic males, females, and dragons who suffer greatly in order to help others.

In this book, Lauren comes into her own as a heroic character. Female readers will enjoy going on the adventure with her as she has to deal with heart-breaking decisions again and again.

I also love the striking colors on this cover.

Any comments on this story?


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  1. I really loved this book as it has an adventure in like three worlds, I haven’t read the books in a while so I better reread them 🙂 I love how Lauren is so brave and will do anything it takes to save the dragons, something the other tried to find a way around of doing then I love how Eagle takes her place, it is just an amazing book with a great adventure.

  2. I’m excited to listen to this book via audiobook. I found myself skipping from dialogue to dialogue and then I’d get confused (shocking!) and have to backtrack. It was riveting to return to a now-devastated Second Eden, I felt it was a powerful way to deliver that shock that pulls you in close. I told my husband that the books were hard to put down because I felt like I was abandoning these characters I love to horrible circumstances and the only way to save them was to read what happened next. I especially felt that as everything came to its final climax in Omega Dragon…but we’ll get there soon.

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